A community-based initiative dedicated to the sustainable management of bees and beehives in urban areas.
Providing local bee stock, cedar topbar hives, educational opportunities, and support with natural beekeeping.

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We are dedicated to raising honey bees naturally, to supporting a resilient line of locally-adapted bees, and to stop our current dependency on the importation of bee stock.

We offer local bee stock, cedar topbar hives, and support with sustainable backyard beekeeping.

OUR GOALS are to:
  • Support healthy bee populations
  • Engage community connectedness
  • Pollinate local food sources
  • Increase urban biodiversity, and
  • Provide sustainable honey from floral sources within our communities

  • VANCOUVER HONEYBEES aims to nurture a healthy natural urban environment. We are mindful of our conduct and ecological footprint; operating only by way of the bee - lightly tiptoeing through our surroundings only to leave it blossoming.