A community-based initiative dedicated to the sustainable management of bees and beehives in urban areas.
Providing local bee stock, cedar topbar hives, educational opportunities, and support with natural beekeeping.

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Jenny Ma - Founder

Busybee was a common nickname of Jenny's while travelling and working abroad on the development of sustainable communities. She draws on firsthand experience how the simple dedication of a cluster of people who grow food, share resources, and work collectively can perpetuate healthy, rewarding, and resilient lifestyles for themselves and their greater communities.

With an innate passion and an educational background in Natural Resources and Environment, Jenny has led various conservation and ecological restoration projects, each reminding her, time-and-time again, just how apparent nature's role is on our everyday lives and wellbeing.

Jenny Ma - FounderVANCOUVER HONEYBEES was created to support and maintain healthy bee populations for urban environments and to foster community connectedness through the hive.

City living shouldn't mean living without nature and Jenny is delighted to bringing this devotion of hers back to her hometown where she spent much of her years growing up in East Vancouver keeping bees, growing food, and being in community.