A community-based initiative dedicated to the sustainable management of bees and beehives in urban areas.
Providing local bee stock, cedar topbar hives, educational opportunities, and support with natural beekeeping.

Workshops or 'block shops' hosted in various pop-up locations throughout the city - keeping you engaged with your urban setting and adding something new to your knowledge and skill bank.

These informal and hands-on workshops are opportunities for socializing, sharing, and keeping busy - much like the bees do!

From Topbar Beekeeping, Build Your Own Hive, Traditional Honey Harvesting, Urban Bee-Crafting, Upcycled Candle Making, and more...these workshops are fun, friendly, and perfect for the DIY-er.

Organic fair-trade teas, honeycakes, and local, in-season, foods are served at these events.

Stay posted here for upcoming block shops that could be in your neck of the woods!
block shop

block shop block shop