A community-based initiative dedicated to the sustainable management of bees and beehives in urban areas.
Providing local bee stock, cedar topbar hives, educational opportunities, and support with natural beekeeping.

VANCOUVER HONEYBEES brings unique opportunities for students to view and learn all about these are equipped with observation hives, veils, gloves, and gear to encourage comfortable participation for all students.

Anaphylaxis: Although an extreme rarity, we do take anaphylaxia seriously and will always carry epipens as a precaution. Prevention is key and we will give thorough demonstrations of safety around the bees. Please note that bees are in fact extremely gentle insects and will only sting when threatened.


We're connecting schools and students with their broader community through our Hive Pairing Program. Click HERE if you are interested in sponsoring a hive for a school in your community or if you are a teacher that is interested in having their class/school be sponsored. Sponsors will host the hives and must be accessible and within walking distance for students and classroom day trips.
Kids Learning About Bees
Kids Learning About Bees